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RM42401A M424 V2 Quadcopter Super Combo
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3GX V5.0 available for download now!!!!!
Product Code : 3GX V5.0
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3GX V5.0 available for download now!!!!!

Dear All,


Glad to let you all know the new 3GX V5.0 is able to be download freely now!


Integrate pilots different flight control feels and feedbacks with latest new technology that develop new 3GX to be more precise and manageable than before. 

Kindly preview the new features and attached announcement then start downloading 3GX V5.0 update program via:  

Download :

Q&A Troubleshooting info. :



1.      Supports JR DMSS (ALIGN RJ01) satellites.

2.      Upgraded collective pitch to elevator compensation.  Helicopter is able to remain horizontal attitude during rapid ascend/descend. 

Improved stability and straight line tracking during fast forward flight, rolls, and other maneuvers.

3.      Improved swashplate control routine. 

Flight maneuvers are smoother with faster response.  Better rudder and swashplate stability during rolls and Tic-Tocks.

4.      Upgraded rudder routine to enable faster pirouettes and better stopping stability.

5.      Upgraded swashplate stability to enable more stable stopping from rolling maneuvers.

1. All settings and flight parameters will revert back to default settings after 3GX upgrade.
So, setup steps must be performed again on the 3GX, followed by adjustments to flight parameters to match your preference.
2. For safety reasons, do not connect the three brushless motor wires during setup process.
3. Please ensure proper power supply to the 3GX during setup.
If there are interruptions to the upgrade process due to bad connection or insufficient battery power, the update may fail causing the 3GX to brick.
4. When used with APS, APS must be at V1.3 version; as with APS Lite, APS Lite must be at V1.0 version.


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Anonymous user  help please

02-06-2014 16:55:05

Administrator  Dear Customer,

Please send us an email or ring us on 07 33458353 for further assistance.

With Regards,
Sales Team

Anonymous user  i went from 3gx v 1.2 straight to v 4.o without any problems am I missing something, or is the above info incorrect?

13-04-2014 08:22:52

Administrator  We are just providing advices from ALIGN, they instructed upgrading step by step, if you work fine with V1.2 straight to V4.0, then it should be all good. thanks for your sharing.

Anonymous user  Dear Admin,
What versions of original firmwares can be upgraded to v4.0?

17-02-2014 19:35:02

Administrator  Dear Customer,

all old 3gx original firmware could be upgraded to v4.0, but you need to upgrade step by step, you could not jump from v2.0 to v4.0 directly. Please go to this link, all the past version listed on the left hand side of web page.

Anonymous user  I would like to update from V2.1 to V4 I followed your link but I can't find clear how to upgrade info. Is the upgrade done on heli, using heli power? Or is it done with 3GX removed from machine? Is the download compatible with windows 8?
I'm sure with clear instruction it won't be as hard as it looks

17-12-2013 15:05:33

Administrator  Dear customer, the 3GX requires power from heli, you need to connect everything (ESC, servos, batter), then connect the 3GX unit to the computer.It will detect the usb device and then just go ahead with the upgrade, please go to ALIGN's official site for download earlier softwares.
They have more detailed information there. Also you can browse the youtube link for your instructions,
About if it compatible with Windows 8, we haven't heard from any customers that they have problem with win8.

Anonymous user  The link in the text has this link 3GX_V3.1_20130403.rar looks like 3.1 but the button below has the correct link.


12-09-2013 12:06:58

Administrator  fixed already, thanks

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